All of our prints and commissions are printed using the Giclée Fine Art printing technique.

Giclée Fine Art printed and mounted artwork offers premium quality reproduction of your chosen artwork. Be it a life portrait, pet portrait or fashion stylistic print.

What is Giclée Fine Art Printing?

The word ‘Giclée’ was coined in the 1990’s and is derived from the French word, ‘gicler’, which literally translates as ‘to squirt’ or ‘spray’ (inspired by the way that the printer nozzle applies the ink pigments to the paper). The terms ‘Giclée Prints’ or ‘pigment prints’ refer to a print made using an inkjet printer as an output device.

Giclée Fine Art prints are made using one of the finest large format professional printers available; the Epson SureColour p2000. Epson’s highly pigmented UltraChrome PRO inks produces Giclée Fine Art prints with the widest possible gamut. Using these inks, even subtle shadows and highlights are visible when printing in black and white. New research from the Willhelm Institute suggests prints produced using Epson UltraChrome PRO Inks can have a lifespan of up to 400 years +, depending on a range of factors, including the media used and storage conditions.

Why do we use Giclée Fine Art Printing?

Giclée Fine Art printing is archival grade and so offers an intense colour and vibrancy, producing vivid colours unparalleled by traditional photographic printing process, and true-tone for black and white images. The Epson Ultrachrome inks which are used are specially designed to be used with high-grade archival papers and produce highly pigmented and light fast Giclée prints.

Giclée prints are available on archival papers which deliver superb authenticity in reproduction.  They are available in sizes up to 60 inches wide, and just about any length you desire.

Window Mounted Prints

When we send you your print it will be window mounted, perfectly packaged to display your artwork at home and ready to frame or display as you like. It will be mounted in a bevel cut window mount with a choice of ice white, soft white, ivory or black card mount colours.

All of our prints come with

  • Acid free, conservation quality, white core, ph neutral window mount
  • High quality backing board
  • Crystal clear 40 micron cellophane bag with a resealable flap

so that your chosen artwork is protected and ready for display.