My name is Sharon Platt and I'm a portrait artist.

I won the portrait drawing competition at The Northern School of Art many moons ago. I was awarded a place to study fine art at Leeds University but I never took up the opportunity. I was diverted into working in advertising and marketing for many years because I needed to earn a good living, in those days to be an artist was to known as starving! I married the love of my life, a Middlesbrough Goalkeeper legend at  Jim Platt . We had two sons and moved to Northern Ireland for awhile.  I then got caught up in the Madmen World of the late 80's @ McCannErickson Advertising working as an Account Director. I was involved in the glamorous and not so glamorous job of making TV, Radio and Press  Advertising.

The back to Middlesbrough and a few roles after this my final marketing role was with working in new technology.... so far removed from art!

So, now I indulge my passion. Which is to paint people and animals. My technique is about building on layers of paint to show the values and tone. I like to capture the personality of the subject and hopefully peep into their soul.

I like working across all mediums to suit the subject, realistic and abstract.... using differing tone and values.

I also like to deviate and painting stylised fashion and loose landscapes. I was part of the one of the wildcard groups on Landscape Artist of the Year 2019. I was interveiwed by the lovely Joan Bakewell and invited back to 2020 but it never happened this year and we all know why.


If you have any questions, commission requests or wish to purchase an original piece of art please contact me by email at


Limited addition prints are available on current artwork. Prices range from £45.

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