Painting hand all will be working next week

Whilst trying to social distance I broke my wrist. A serious bone fracture. Not good news for a portrait painter. 5 weeks in a plaster castor for my sins. Next week the cast comes off. I can't wait a moment longer to get back to being creative and painting. I have three portrait commissions ready to start. I do admire and I frequently look at the style of other portrait artists to inspire me. The first of my commissions is a full-length nude.  I plan to  demonstration my work live using video. .  Ian Morrish Photographer has commissioned the painting of his wife Jane. It will be a tasteful pose of course. The second commission is a pet portrait of Dudley the Beagle and my third commission is a local landscape to be decided yet, but when finished will hang on the wall of the MICA party Middlesbrough Town Hall