Nude Portrait Commission Done!

Photographer Ian Morrish commissioned a painting of his wife Jane. It was a fabulous piece. I have worked on nudes, life drawings and paintings however this was a first for me in terms of a full blown commission. I used a combination of media. I sketched the image first and then used acrylic to get the initial flesh tones and built on the layers with oils to get the textures. I wanted the painting to be soft focus and gentle to portray the moment. It’s a gentle but powerful image. The style of Paul Gustave Fischer gave me inspiration. Paul Gustave Oil Painting NATURALISM
Paul Gustave Fischer was born in the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, in July 1860. His family originally migrated from Poland, and he was fourth-generation Jewish. He became famous for his breathtaking portrayals of cityscapes in locations like Italy, Germany, Scandinavia, and especially his hometown, Copenhagen.
My client and his wife were delighted with the finished painting. Connect with me if you like it too.